kitchen at core value island cabin
firepit by core value interiors at isalnd cabin
beach at cabin by core value
dining area island cabin
dining nook in island cabin
geese at cabin
island cabin bright blue accent wall
boat and bird on beach
tiny kitchen island cabin
island cabin bedroom
island cabin beach

What Qualifies as a Dream Job?

  • Living for a month on one of the San Juan Islands qualifies, especially if you are a confirmed high mountain desert person
  • In this case, the opportunity to create a casual gem for anyone who loves sun, fog, seafood and water, and does not require room service
  • Having free reign to design, but with specific parameters, goals, and budgets
  • Working with clients of humor, generosity, defined tastes, appropriate resources for the job, and common sense
  • Having clear input in every area of the project, construction, installation, as well as design
  • Knowing that different people will get to love the space and the place
  • Having time to explore the neighborhood and the area: riding ferries to the other islands, meeting the locals, and their wonderful food
  • Finding fascinating resources that are not just “designer” resources
  • Getting away from one’s own place and vernacular
  • Learning to appreciate why the crew does not show up at 8AM when the whales are breaching, or crabbing has started
dream jobsdream jobs


Dream Jobs given high priority!

Creating a small gem for anyone who loves sun and water—

an environment designed with pure fun in mind.