contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen
Kitchens, designed for cooking and gatherings,
balanced with sleek surfaces and functional layouts

“Edy Keeler cleverly designed & orchestrated a most beautiful and functional home kitchen renovation. She seems to have an infinite resource of brilliant solutions….which was essential in my situation. Edy’s clarity, sense of wit and considerateness maintained a positive focus for the duration of the kitchen renovation.” -E P

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older home, a kitchen design project can feel overwhelming. As an interior designer and kitchen design specialist, I’ve helped many clients around Santa Fe and New Mexico navigate this complicated potentially stressful process. An organized and professional approach will help soothe those nerves and make sure your new kitchen is truly your dream kitchen.

Here at Edy Keeler Interiors, we’ll organize your kitchen design project into four manageable steps:

1. Needs Analysis:

During the first phase, we’ll meet with you to measure the space, in a remodel, and discuss your goals and priorities for the new kitchen. We may interview whoever will be using the space, go over your wish list, and talk about any ideas you’ve been collecting. Together, we’ll assess the five functional areas of your kitchen:

  • Pantry: food storage space, refrigerator size and style
  • Cabinet Storage: small appliances and cookware
  • Sink Area: countertop space, dishwasher, sink and faucet design
  • Preparation Area: counter space or island
  • Cooking area: cooktop and oven or range

2. Space Planning and Kitchen Design Scheme

Back at the studio, we’ll use the information from the Needs Analysis to create your new kitchen design. Space planning will incorporate your cooking and storage needs, and plan for traffic flow. Next we’ll create a cabinet layout, and select cabinet styles, countertop materials and other finishes for your approval.

3. Kitchen Design Development

This is the fun part, as we work together to finalize your kitchen design. You’ll review the cabinet layout and samples to make your final selections – including door styles, architectural details, countertops, backsplash, hardware and appliances.

Once you’ve approved everything, my job is to ensure that our vendors, builder and sub-contractors have the correct specifications and understand every detail of the design scheme. We’ll establish a timeline for ordering each component of the kitchen, and coordinate the work schedule with the construction team.

4. Construction and Installation

Once the on-site work begins, I work closely with the construction team to answer questions and handle any issues that may come up. We’ll have frequent check-ins to make sure things are on schedule. I also help coordinate site preparation, storage, cleaning, and deliveries to help your project go as smoothly as possible.

5. And at last, Enjoy Your New Kitchen Design!

Your new kitchen is often the largest investment you make in your home. Our professional kitchen design services will simplify the process, maximize your budget, and make sure your new kitchen works for you and looks amazing.

Owners are always pleased to get back to their life, their pursuits,
and their own cooking.