Being a local interior designer in a small state like New Mexico, I’ve found that it is truly important to not only know the people you work with, but to respect and love them for what they do and how they do it. It is also important to let them know how you feel. With that being said and fully aware that all four might be embarrassed reading this, here goes . . .

These are 4 very un-alike, award-winning builders who I work with in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and why I love them:

  • Tierra Concepts, Inc. They have a deep organization with clearly defined roles and cover all the details. Each job has a wonderful superintendent who is ON IT, is 100% responsive, and a problem solver. Aesthetics are important and homeowners are heard. The annual Haciendas Parade of Homes is the most demanding of showplaces, and they get it…it would be impossible to do it year after year otherwise.
  • Hurlocker Homes It was maybe 15 years ago that I first worked on a Hurlocker Homes residence. All creativity was encouraged: allowing re-purposed use of materials which I love to do; the use of strong color, especially on exteriors; and the most contemporary of aesthetics. The execution is super precise…so gratifying to see. And so appreciated by those Parade of Homes critics. As I told the builder, these first jobs were specs, but really they were custom homes, and they always found the right buyer.
  • Wollens Quality Homes Again, I was given very free reign but very differently: it was all within the constraints of a small spec house budget, also for the Parade of Homes, and they managed to do it without sacrificing quality. Just being clever, shopping well — because of having great vendor relations, so important for a good builder — and then building a really tight, wonderful home — sold in a month, in a dicey market. Wish they had a website to send you to, but call 505-660-6940.

Of course, I also work in Albuquerque and would be remiss if I did not thank these guys-

interior designer

  • Picasso Builders They do a perfect job of both light commercial and high end residential building. This was invaluable to me when I undertook working on my first totally ADA compliant home. The constraints were many, and each had its own ripple effect on design decisions. Each time they were willing to re-think, adjust, rework, and just plain re-do things that were not right. This was the most crucial part of making the home work perfectly for these clients, and be beautiful at the same time . . . Including high attention to Old-World details!


I would like to thank all four of you for the work you do and the quality you uphold. You help make our city the beautiful jewel that it is and I could not do what I do without builders like you.

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