• Six months into this pandemic and changes abound. In addition to a sock drawer, we now have a mask drawer. And our lives are drastically altered—I’m hoping your new routine is somewhat comfortable. But better change is here as well. I am happy to announce my new location in a perfect little building downtown in the Guadalupe district. Edy Keeler Interiors312 Read StreetSanta Fe, NM 87501(505) 577-2167 Come by, don’t be shy. Thursday afternoons in
  • Happy to report we got a great response to the kitchen and some new ones to design, as a result of the hundreds of design lovers who toured the house in October. We raised big bucks (exact number to come, but hundreds of tickets were sold) for Dollars 4 Schools, had some grand parties at the house, and we were flattered to be on the cover of the Home section of the local paper. (image
  • sell your home
    Where to Begin Preparing to sell your home? With a little elbow grease and some low-cost projects, you’ll increase your home’s appeal inside and out—and potentially net a higher sale. Whether you’ve got a small budget or a little wiggle room, these projects bring good returns on investments. Inside home improvements   Paint is an easy, relatively inexpensive fix. It refreshes rooms and makes homes look new again. Stick with classic, neutral colors. A recent
  • urban pattern
    A Big Leap from my style to Heather and Matt of French and French Interiors! Inspiration Patterns from nature are so lovely in interior design. How I get inspiration? Often it’s to look outdoors and to look UP, for starters. That rowdy raven in our office courtyard demands attention. Talking right to me, sitting high in a lacy green-gold canopy of elm leaves. And that’s a pattern I have used. Or as Maurice Sendak says
  • new colors
    We get palette predictions this time every year. I love that, some of the colors, and we’ll share some here. Colors can be applied to rev up your environment, home or business, in many ways. Paint is the most prevalent, but upholstery, drapes, rugs—even a new wardrobe piece or two, are great ways to test a color’s fit for you. New pillows are easy too, or small area rugs, to test how new colors might
  • contemporary southwest style
    Thank you for coming to see Show House, if you made it this year! We had wonderful attendance, raised a bundle of money for Dollars for Schools, and I am just now following up. We’re always a little sad to “undo” our show house rooms…it’s melancholy, sort of like Cinderella after the ball. It was a great show Happily, the response to the whole project, as well as my master bath redesign, was very positive. It’s a
  • show house santa fe 2017
    ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017 The kickoff event Gala features scrumptious hearty hors d’oeuvres from Bear Nash and Dave Seller’s Street Food Institute, entertainment by Nacha Mendes and preview of this amazing 10,000 foot residence. That Design Time of Year Again We sailed through the Parade of Homes, in August. Simpler this year, being a judge instead of having to produce a staged home, so now it’s ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017! The fifth year and we’re very
  • test your taste emerald and gold
    Test your taste. In the new year people often want to start fresh, or at least re-freshed. If you’re tempted to do it yourself, great! But take this little tongue-in-cheek New York Times Design magazine quiz to see if this is a good idea. FOR EACH STATEMENT that rings true, give yourself the indicated number of points. I know a “pop of color” is not a fruit-flavored soda. (0.5) I like the symmetry of two
  • area rugs
    The real answer on rugs. . . likely! It all depends on the stock situation of the rug you want, and how soon you make a choice. I’ve found that the 6 x 9 size works for just about any smallish conversation grouping. 8 x 10 is fine for larger furniture areas, and 9 x 12 if you like furniture completely on the rug. Another smart idea for a lift at the entry is a
  • windows
    The real answer on windows. . . possibly! It all depends on the stock situation of fabric selected for drapes or blinds. Cellular or pleated blinds take a full two weeks to arrive after we have measured. If fabric is in stock and ordered soon, we can do some styles of drapes, with our workroom installing, at your home in time for the Holidays, or definitely in January. My two favorites are the “S” curve
  • lime, aqua, brown and green
    Get to know Edy Keeler Q&A with Santa Fe Area Designer Where do you find inspiration when starting a new project? “I always find inspiration from the greatest desires of clients, as well as their practical needs. Something happens that lights a spark. It combined with influences within both their experiences, and mine. I want ideas about where they could stretch in their imagined perfect lives, to make the spaces interesting as well as functional.” Where
  • kitchens
    I have always wanted to live in and experience an Italian castle or villa, with totally modern fittings and furniture inside. Not the villa with intricate, highly ornamental frescoes, but a really old worn down one sporting raw stone walls . . . more grotto like than frescoed. Of course, I would not want to worry about keeping it warm and dry, that would all be taken care of before I took ownership. And here
  • taupe charcoal cream colors
    Proud to say Robert Zachry was architect on the 2016 Parade of Homes residence that took the Grand Hacienda Award Robert, my husband, worked closely throughout the whole process, beyond design and engineering, with builders Scott and Maika Wong of Solterra. The home won two other awards one for Best Design, making us proud again. The home, on Aspen View in the Monte Sereno area of Santa Fe was on a six day tour in
  • media room with blue ceiling lighting
    Last week, the principals of the popular interior design firm Reside Home—Kendra Henning, Jeff Fenton and Chris Martinez— hosted their monthly broadcast, which focuses on a variety of design trends, events, and personalities. “Design Commitment/Fear of Commitment”: Kendra, Jeff and Chris discussed this interior design theme with designer Edy Keeler of Edy Keeler Interiors, of Core Value Inc.. Focus was given to many of the permanent finishes to a home that require a major commitment
  • lighting
    Step by step guide to being a designer on a new construction project in Santa Fe This is Step 4- Lighting up a home and a life Natural Light Almost no one argues that lighting is vital. Natural light being the gold standard in our mountain west environment. If we are thinking well in the structural design phase, we let it in from the best vantage points for views, for warmth, good feelings, and health. South
  • plumbing essentials
    Step by step guide to being a designer on a new construction project in Santa Fe This is Step 3- Plumbing is Essential Plumbing: the toilets, the sinks, the tubs, and the showers, is one of the essentials of course, and a place to blow the budget, or compromise the budget to the point of needless and endless repairs before the useful life of the project is spent.  This couple wants quality, but not at any
  • architect and community
    Step by step guide to being a designer on a new construction project in Santa Fe This is Step 2- Working with architects and community guidelines Review with the architect and clients. This is for the home in the Santa Fe north side subdivision with multiple homeowner’s association guidelines to meet. We try to review client selections with the architect soon after we make initial decisions to see if there are questions or concerns. Whether
  • ground up construction
    Step by step guide to being a designer on a ground up construction project.   This is Step 1- Choosing the color palette   Once the architecture is pretty much through design development, the first step depends greatly on whether or not the home is in a subdivision with homeowner association guidelines. The ground up construction I have chosen for this series is in a gated subdivision with extensive rules as to palette, size, height,
  • renovations remodels commercial design
    I like to be in interesting spaces, all the time. When I find myself somewhere plain, I am too distracted by the different renovations and remodels (which I am designing in my head to utilize the unrealized potential) to get comfortable. When I don’t feel well, or am nervous about a procedure, it’s even more important. This is why I want to do more renovations, remodels, and commercial design for medical offices, creating atmosphere that
  • commercial design
    I want to design more commercial spaces. Not huge office buildings although I had a great custom office building to do last year, and it was fun. But space where people go to be healed or pampered. Timeliness:  A commercial design project, so different in terms of clients and client needs, needs to move quickly in most cases. Unlike the Apple stores which took years of planning, including when the meticulous Steve Jobs scrapped all