bedroom design
bedroom design
bedroom design


Our designer bedrooms are retreats


Based in your calm or spicy colors, your most special art, your own personal objects — all especially woven together in a retreat designed for nurturing.


Bedrooms really are where we retreat, for rest and sleep, to fun with a partner, to healing from wounded feelings. So both comfort and soothing things we love are really important here. The bedroom is the ultimate place for expressing our private selves.


Colors we love run the gamut from classic whites and off-whites, to calming blues, or reds and oranges that may complement tribal art collections, and black and white that works so well with photography in the gray scale. I personally love to use darker colors, as they are so restful. But many of the shots in this web portfolio show light wall — many of these bedrooms are in houses built “on spec” where the walls were purposely left pale, allowing new owners to personalize a room, adding their own color.


Large bedrooms are a luxury in themselves, and allow for sitting areas and fireplaces. Smaller bedrooms can be a challenge but respond well to one large piece of art, good colors for the owners, and luxurious bedding.

The flooring in a bedroom is also important. It’s one of the few rooms where carefully chosen carpet can be the perfect finish. And if a hard surface is desired, perhaps as a continuation of all the rest of the house, which is common in contemporary homes now.  The right area rugs finish these rooms with a level of plush comfort.

Choosing the perfect bed is vital. The mattress is such a matter of personal taste, but the style of the bed itself might be minimal and no more than a beautiful wood plank headboard. Or a wonderful clean style four poster, with maybe a canopy frame, left undraped. Great ones come in colored steel as well as wood. One of my favorites is an upholstered headboard and maybe footboard. We’ve used ethnic textiles and very clean wools and quilted pieces for upholstered headboards, and make them locally.

Add gorgeous bedding and get ready for sweet dreams!