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EDY KEELER Contemporary Interior Designer

Founder of Edy Keeler Interiors

It’s not the glamour of the project, but whether or not it made a difference.

What I want to do for my clients is make some difference in the success of their businesses or personal lives. So they can answer “yes” to this type question: Has a redesigned kitchen enabled your family to start cooking and eating more meals together? Is it easier and more fun to entertain now? Has a redesigned office delivered a better customer experience, boosted staff morale, or led to increased sales? Design can do that, and we want to be art of that process.

Reliable sources and teamwork are fundamental.

As a previous owner/manager of architectural building supply businesses catering to architects and consumers, I know where and how to source the best materials for each project, saving time, money and the stress of bad choices. Working with a team of elite sub-contractors, we have earned a reputation for delivering top results, on deadline, within budget.

Variety is the spice of design.

Ideas and aesthetics come from a variety of sources, within and beyond my own interior design background. This helps me come from rich sources for every project. Studying with Japanese pattern makers informed my choices in color, line, form and materials. Working as a young clothing designer, marketer and “colorista” in New York and San Francisco was an education. Providing design and production of specialty books for Simon and Schuster, Disney, and Abrams shaped my appreciation for design as communication. My hands-on responsibility for taking care of lifestyle needs of 250 people in a residential treatment facility taught what does and doesn’t work for large and small group living. I’ll continue to be influenced by experimenting in other fields. But your input, what you dream of having, and what I learn about your needs, is the critically important part of the mix..


Some people do know exactly what they want, some do not.

Both are okay.
My clients are businesses, individuals, and families who want authentic, beautiful, handsome design, but don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to put it all together. I help busy CEO’s, all types of professionals, small business owners, frequent travelers, second home owners, couples who work, retirees, artists who need spaces to create and show their work. I love working with clients who make decisions confidently, as well as with those who need encouragement to break out of old comfort zones and damaging environments.

award winning santa fe interior designer Edy Keeler

I loved working with every one of these people! 


From my perspective as both builder and home-owner, Edy is great to work with. She has long experience in the field and very competently blends the essential elements of interior design —lighting, color, texture, materials — into a harmonious whole. She’s a team player who works efficiently and quickly, so critical building schedules can be met. On top of it all, Edy is a great person and really fun to work with. I look forward to my next project with her.


-Steve Thomas, spokesperson, Habitat for Humanity, and former host, This Old House.


Buying an office condo for my psychotherapy practice and having only 6 weeks to put everything together seemed like an impossible task until I met Edy. She has a keen eye and a sure sense of style, and makes the daunting process of creating a beautiful space great fun.


— Portia F., Santa Fe Psychotherapist


 My business office is also my painting studio, and with my new high-end clientele it needed a big uplift that looked artistic and contemporary yet still functional. I tried a couple of designers before finding Edy. She listened to my needs and preferences, came up with a great plan, organized it all so it was virtually stress-free. I feel so wonderful and newly inspired when I go to work. I ended up with a beautiful contemporary art office and studio. Then we worked on my home!


— NR, Santa Fe artist


 Edy Keeler was invaluable in helping transform my dental office. She was very organized and paid attention to detail. Caught a lot of things that I would never have thought of. And, her sense of style and scale was matched by her understanding of the functional aspects of my practice. The icing on the cake is that we had so much fun in the process.


 — Dr. P


Edy is exquisite with color and fabrics. Wonderfully creative. She is easy to work with and is very thoughtful in her approach to the client’s space—especially regarding his/her own tastes and preferences. The result is gorgeous, and the process is fun. I look forward to another project with her.


– K. Moore, Denver


Accomplishments are always a result of team efforts, mentioned in many of our blog posts.

  • Home of the Year, Santa Fean Magazine, 2010; and runner up in other years.
  • Grand Hacienda winner, and Best Surfaces and Finishes, Best Master bath, Best Kitchen — Haciendas: A Parade of Homes, various years.
  • SPECS, Edy’s former design materials sales showroom, was instrumental in the late 80’s in introducing many new materials to the local market: low-voltage lighting, Italian tile and stone, as well as promoting synthetic resin plaster, now a standard exterior finish.