Edy Talks Design Trends

media room with blue ceiling lighting

Last week, the principals of the popular interior design firm Reside Home—Kendra Henning, Jeff Fenton and Chris Martinez— hosted their monthly broadcast, which focuses on a variety of design trends, events, and personalities.

“Design Commitment/Fear of Commitment”: Kendra, Jeff and Chris discussed this interior design theme with designer Edy Keeler of Edy Keeler Interiors, of Core Value Inc.. Focus was given to many of the permanent finishes to a home that require a major commitment from clients, including the installation of cabinets, counter tops, tile, flooring, and paint colors.

This is all about the big decisions that are required when building new construction, an addition, or a major remodel. While preparing for the show, we likened this to real-life relationships:

  • Furniture and accessories might be considered “casual dating” – if it doesn’t work out, you’re disappointed, but not devastated. You can try again and you didn’t waste a lot of time or resources.
  • The “big-ticket” items we’re talking about today are more like marriage – if it doesn’t work out you could get divorced, but it’s messy. Lots of lost time, and probably money too!

To listen to the show, please follow the link below to the episode page on Santafe.com.

Click here for the episode.